How Much Does It Cost to Run Disney World Every Day?

Being one of the most frequently visited destinations on earth, Disney World has taken several measures to ensure that their services are never interrupted. Energy management is key to their success. After all, they have to contend with air-conditioning, compressed air, refrigeration, water moving systems, and rides.

For a company of the magnitude of Disney world, there is no doubt their power needs are astronomical and so is the cost. To curb this red flags they have a dedicated service from the local energy companies that includes co-generation of power at their site to ensure that even if the general power grid is affected theirs is not since they generate their own power. They rely heavily on electricity and natural gas and have a state-of-the-art energy management program to help mitigate costs and adhere to safe environmental practices.

The Disney World EMP (Energy management program) has partnered with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and implemented (EPA) the 5 key components of the EPA Energy Star Building Program. These components include

  • Green lights which are energy efficient lights
  • Fan-system upgrades
  • Air conditioning system upgrades
  • Consistent reductions in loads
  • Regular building tune-ups


The energy savings realized from this partnership are up to the tune of 46 million kWh annually and increasing.


Some Ways Disney Stands Out

Solar Farms – According to the Capture The Magic Podcast, which is one of the fastest growing Disney podcasts and is known as a Disney World vlogger, said that Disney World has a 22-acre solar farm shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head to augment their electric power supply. The five-megawatt solar farm was built by Duke Energy and is fitted with 48,000 solar panels. The safe, green energy will be fed to Disney World and surrounding hotels. In addition, the company is looking to increase its environmental credentials by using vegetable oil to create clean diesel that it will use on its buses. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint seeing as they are such a huge facility.


The Disney Stars – The cast members of Disney world have been instrumental in spearheading the use of clean energy and implementing responsible energy practices. They have a sense of ownership and accountability which motivates them to identify and mitigate any energy wastage no matter how small. The cast has been equipped with an Energy Star Tool Bag which effectively helps them to look for energy waste in the overall building by turning off lights when not in use, adjusting temperature settings and turning off PC or decorative fountains when not in use. Apart from the cast members, the personnel at the park have also formed local teams which meet on monthly basis and work on various conservation projects. Everyone has a role to play in the management of energy at the park.  The company has a dedicated staff of energy conservation engineers who refine the EMP processes and manage the conservation efforts. Everyone on the property is a member of the Energy Star Team. The company encourages and rewards energy-saving initiative using 2 important tools: A utility report card and energy Star Awards. Environmental friendliness is a way of life at Disney World.


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