Is solar energy a viable option?



One of the greatest successes of the 21st century is renewable energy. In the beginning, it cost quite a considerable amount of money to install it in households but nowadays, it is even cheaper than fossil fuel. Consider the following advantages of Solar Energy:


  1. Renewable:  Solar Energy will never run out, that’s why it’s called renewable energy in the first place, unlike fossil fuels.


  1. Sustainability: We can use it without risking the future generations’ life.


  1. Substantial: The earth surface gets 120.000 terawatts of solar radiation – which is 20,000 times more than we would need for the whole world.


  1. Environmentally friendly: If we use the solar energy, our environment will not get polluted, although there can be potential emission to produce the products. Still, it is much less compared to using fossils.


  1. Funding: We can potentially get financial support from the Government so installing it in our homes can be cut 50% less.


  1. Availability: it is available all over the world – in fact, it’s available in the whole Milky Way!


  1. Efficiency: It can be applied and used for a variety of purposes.


  1. It can be shared: one-fifth of the American homes don’t fit for solar panels, but in this case, they can join a community which can resemble a solar garden.


  1. Easy to maintain: It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, and its technology is always improving.


We can realize its other remarkable advantage: it will save us lots of money.  


  1. It offers long-term savings: If you invested in solar energy  it costs nothing to have electricity.


  1. The annual costs of traditional electricity including domestic energy and transporting is $3000 per person, which is enough for about 20 years using solar energy.


  1. The cost of solar energy is getting lower – while the prices of fossil fuels is always goes up, the cost of solar power drops regularly. Since 2011 the average costs of installing solar panels have dropped by almost 60%.


  1. Solar panels are good investments because they increase the value of our home if we want to sell it.


  1. You can save money from the first day because with resorting to PPas (solar purchase power agreements) and solar leasing many people can make a good use of the solar energy without any initial investments.


  1. You can get some income with it because if we produce more energy than what the household can use, you can export it to utility providers who usually pay for it.


  1. States and local governments support installing solar power with $1.500 or more.



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