How Much Does It Cost to Run Disney World Every Day?

Being one of the most frequently visited destinations on earth, Disney World has taken several measures to ensure that their services are never interrupted. Energy management is key to their success. After all, they have to contend with air-conditioning, compressed air, refrigeration, water moving systems, and rides. For a company of the magnitude of Disney world, there is no doubt their power needs are astronomical and so is the cost. To curb this red flags […]

the advantages and disadvantages of keystone oil pipeline system

What The Keystone Pipeline Can Mean For Energy Production

The controversial Keystone Pipeline project, is now in its fourth phase where the pipe is connected to North Dakota. It is said to provide major improvement in energy production and to secure the necessary energy resource that is needed all over the country. However, there have been many issues regarding the project which has led to many protests. What is this pipeline all about and how does it impact the environment? What is Keystone Pipeline? […]