Our company ProvenEnergy was founded to serve our clients with turbines for home.


Green energy has gained more and more popularity not only in the broad range of industries but homes as well. Using renewable energy is the best choice for everyone who would like to decrease the costs of their home because renewable energy only needs an initial investment for installation, plus it is very easy to maintain.


These wind turbines for homes are created to generate the green power of their own as an alternative way to get electricity. These turbines are electric generators that use the wind energy to produce emission-free, clean power for small businesses, homes, farms. Not only can property owners cut off the electricity bills but they can also protect the environment. These turbines can be set up on small properties in most regions of the country.


Making electricity with the wind is not as easy as you would think. Professional turbine manufacturers such as ProvenEnergy had to cope with lots of challenges especially when it comes to installation; the first wind-energy owners could speak about its many difficulties, but the small wind-energy sector has always managed to come up with a plan to be able to provide you with reliable equipment at a relatively low price.


On planning to install a turbine


Before deciding to install a turbine, you should first check the electricity of your household; you must know your electric usage. You should also check first if the installations of wind turbines are allowed within your municipality or area of residence. The last but not the least is that you must find out the appropriate size of turbines you need for your household.


You should also take into consideration your needs, motivations, and of course current financial situation. These factors will assist you to choose the appropriate solution.


People decide to use wind energy because of many reasons including lower cost of electricity, striving for independence, environmental issues, and sometimes for fun. Make sure that you know why you need it first.


You need to examine this plan realistically and consider every aspect of installing a wind energy system. After thinking about your expectations and checking the possibilities, you are on your way to having wind-energy installed. Just contact us so we can assist you right away!


Our Services


Our services include engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, refurbishment, and repair. Our company is known to provide quality at competitive prices which are combined with our team’s passion and professionalism. We have an excellent reputation regarding having the job done on budget and on time.


Get in contact with us via email, telephone or chat, let us know your needs so that we can offer you the best choice to make everything easy and fast to you.